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We like problems, like a lot.

Sometimes our greatest stumbling stones are the cornerstone of a great new opportunity. At Pearson Innovation (PI) we love turning old failures into new wings. We have a broad range of knowledge, experience, and skills. Business, Creative Projects, Data Services, Healthcare, Public Affairs, and Research are just a few areas in which PI has experience delivering results.

We specialize in projects that need a little push, initiatives that require specific skills, or any undertaking that will benefit from the assistance of competent motivated creative problem solvers. Explore our website for helpful content to support your next big idea. It would be our pleasure to offer additional services you may require. Chat with us anytime!

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The Right Partner for Innovation

Rollie PollieTM was a project 10 years in the making. It began with a simple observation in the lobby of a large pediatric hospital. Other exsiting solutions to this common problem created problems of their own. We pursued a solution that met all of the needs without increasing difficulties somewhere else in the system. When we agree to undertake a project with you receive a partner who is as invested in the outcome as you. Here are some of the elements that make PI the right fit for your challenges.

  • Relentless Passion for Innovation
  • Modern Tools
  • Experienced Professionals

We interviewed a large range of medical professionals, patients, and caregivers until we found the solution that worked best for all the stakeholders. Not every project requires such a long timeline, but we are committed to getting it right. Learn more about this project at www.rolliepollie.us


We provide support for new ideas!

Many truly amazing ideas are wasted because there doesn't seem to be the necessary support to develop them. A simple observation by a front-line employee could reframe a new successful business model or lead to an exciting discovery. Most organizations don't take full advantage of their greatest assets; People and information. People bring passion and experience, and information offers a path to clarity. By intentionally mining these resources an organization can easily overcome its largest obstacles and achieve its highest goals.

History provides numerous examples of ideas coming to the right people at the right time. However, sometimes the difference between the right person and the wrong one is the correct frame of mind. This productive mental state can be cultivated over time with mindful reflections or it can be facilitated by an expert. PI has experience in many industries and environments, let us help.

How Can We Generate Great Ideas?

As the world becomes increasingly more connected, pressures to perform are abundant. Do you have a plan to navigate this ever-changing landscape? We can help you:

  • Innovate your processes
  • Develop your teams
  • Clear direction for leadership decisions
  • Powerful action plan templates available

Great ideas can come from anywhere! When people are equipped with the right tools and empowered to lead, innovation is the natural result. Let us help you make the most of the experience of your patients, customers, vendors, and employees.


Innovation can be taught, learned, and shared.

Innovation is a way of looking at the world with new eyes. Over time people and organizations can become accustomed to viewing challenges as obstacles instead of opportunities. This creates a scarcity mindset that reinforces practices like resource hoarding and keeping obsolete practices which kill efficiency and subvert healthy adaptation. Innovation is the practice of applying natural curiosity to improve some aspect of a necessity or worthwhile pursuit.

Innovation doesn't always include the latest technology, sometimes a significant improvement can simply be the application of an existing idea in a new context. Innovation is as much a mastery of asking why as it is creating new solutions. PI has curated many innovation strategies and other free resources to help you spark new ideas, invent new tools, and improve the world.

How can you Innovate Faster?

There are many useful tools with which to practice innovation. Understanding what each offers provides a range of choices to customize appropriate solutions for any given scenario. Fully engaging in the innovation process can yield truly amazing results.

  • Create new products
  • Develop your teams
  • Prototype Ideas
  • Apply Technologies in Novel Ways

New technologies are valuable assets in the innovation process; however, like any other tool, it is limited by the imagination of those using it. Curious people are at the center of every successful initiative.


Get it done.

Once a course of action has been identified, vetted, and approved many of the significant details can get lost during the implementation process. Those who have experience with large or complex projects understand that there is a certain art to making things happen. Understanding how to implement and conduct a project is essential to achieving goals important to the organization. Sometimes the innovation process is so stimulating that it is difficult to find an actionable focal point. Too often what began as an inspiring concept gets diluted to a manageable level. A mediocre interpretation can easily be avoided with proper planning.

In many cases, a project is delivered to the implementation team with several last-minute add-ons, restrictions, and conflicting priorities. These problems can be avoided by using proven systems engineering approaches and project management techniques. In most situations, it is possible to correctly scope an initiative without losing essential elements in the process. In fact, nearly any project can be completed without compromising quality, if it is well-planned. PI can provide the skills, tools, and support needed to achieve exceptional results.

How can you match reality to your vision?

Putting an innovative idea into action can be one of the most difficult parts of an improvement effort. However, by using smart planning tools and strategies it is possible to achieve great success during the execution of the project.

  • Minimize Costs
  • Avoid Delays
  • Achieve High-Quality Outcomes

When done well, the Implementation phase can actually be an enjoyable benefit to the improvement process. Most of the costs and benefits of a project are realized during this phase. Success is determined by careful attention to detail, commitment to quality, and expertise. Understanding how to navigate these domains will improve the outcome of your project implementation.


Small steps lead to large gains.

After an innovation is implemented it is essential to have a plan to make improvements. This is a critical step in creating a perpetual innovation cycle. By building on the momentum of the innovation process it is possible to accelerate the value of the effort. By building an improvement effort into the process, even modest innovations can snowball into giant leaps forward. Automatic reports of Key Performance Indicators (KPI) can facilitate the process. However; sometimes understanding what to measure and improve can be an elusive task.

Fortunately, there already exists a tremendous amount of qualitative and quantitative knowledge necessary to guide the improvement process. Although, navigating the various tools and related literature can take years to master. Partnering with experts who are already familiar with the field is a great way to capitalize on sustainable gains. PI has extensive experience with applying improvement science methodologies. We can help you keep your efforts lean and agile.

Build sustainable improvements

The novelty of some innovations is their entire value statement, and sometimes that alone is enough. However, most people who choose to innovate have a larger goal in mind. Continuing the innovation process beyond the implementation phase offers several tangible benefits

  • Do more with less
  • Develop long-term solutions
  • Integrate new ideas

The key to greater insights, value, and profitability comes through continuous innovation. By adding incremental improvements to an existing innovation, additional leaps forward are possible. By conserving resources through a sustainable mindset, each innovation generated from these improvements is more likely to have the necessary support to achieve new gains and utility.


We're happy to answer your questions. In the meantime, here are a few items you might find helpful.

  • On what kinds of projects can Pearson Innovation consult?

    Applying the practice of innovation is a universal tool, and it can work in nearly every industry, project, and pursuit. PI has experience in a wide range of areas such as business (startups/ and large Organizations), Healthcare, Academics, and Technology. We never stop so our expertise grows every day.

  • Time is an important thing, and we don't want to waste yours. If we can help we'll be clear about how we can improve your idea or build innovative capacity in your organization. If we're not the right fit we'll just say so upfront. Most of the time though a free conversation leads to other even better conversations. Give it a try.

  • We use a sliding scale for most of our services. Non-profit organizations and individuals are offered discounts based on their needs and ability to pay. For-profit companies and various government agencies are encouraged to request a formal proposal for large projects. Volume discounts and flat rates are also available for one-time tasks and ongoing ad-hoc assignments.

  • We take troubleshooting very seriously. We take the tough cases that others may say are a lost cause. We take jobs that are too complex. We depend on our clients to bring us opportunities for us to grow, improve, and stay sharp. But most importantly, when we take on a client it is because we want to help keep them in the fight. A better tomorrow requires an attentive present. Ultimately, you should choose PI because innovation is the only thing we do.


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